Advertising Options


Tariff   Exhibitor    Non Exhibitor Bleed
Enhanced Listing (Colour Logo + QR Code + Bold text)   Rs. 7,500   NA
Full Page   Rs. 40,000   Rs. 60,000 140 x 210
Page Facing Inside Back Cover   Rs. 65,000   Rs. 95,000 130 x 210
Page Facing Section Divider   Rs. 70,000   Rs. 1,05,000 130 x 210
Page Facing Contents   Rs. 75,000   Rs. 1,15,000 130 x 210
Inside Back Cover   Rs. 80,000   Rs. 1,20,000 130 x 210
Page Facing Inside Front Cover   Rs. 1,00,000   Rs. 1,50,000 130 x 210
Inside Front Cover   Rs. 1,00,000   Rs. 1,50,000 130 x 210
Back Cover   Rs. 1,20,000   Rs. 1,80,000 140 x 210
Section Dividers A side   Rs. 85,000   Rs. 1,30,000 130 x 210
Section Dividers B side   Rs. 75,000   Rs. 1,15,000 130 x 210
Section Dividers A side & B side   Rs. 1,20,000   Rs. 1,80,000 130 x 210
Bookmark (3 only)   Rs. 60,000   Rs. 90,000 50 x 140


Tariff   Exhibitor    Non Exhibitor Bleed
Tile Advertisement   Rs. 10,000   Rs. 15,000 60 x 40
Bottom Banner   Rs. 60,000   Rs. 90,000 270 x 50
Top Banner   Rs. 75,000   Rs. 1,15,000 270 x 50
Back Cover   Rs. 1,50,000   Rs. 2,00,000 100 x 200


Companies registered outside India please note that the exact equivalent of the Indian rupee rate has to be remitted to our account irrespective of the currency / currency fluctuation during transfer.

Local taxes will be additional as applicable.

*Rates mentioned for Show Dailies are for Exhibitors only, 40% extra for Non-Exhibitors.
Special Positions available on a first-come, first-server basis.


Section Dividers Available for Branding Opportunities

There will be three (only) special section dividers, (full page on heavy stock) and are as follows:
(a) Exhibitor Listings (Alphabetical and by Country)
(b) Exhibitor Profiles
(c) Listings by Product
All advertisements will be in 4 colour.

Deadline for booking of space for advertisements 15th Sept 2017
Deadline for submission of advertisement materials and full payment 26th Sept 2017

File Types Accepted 

Adobe illustrator 8.0 or greater (EPS preferred) or Adobe Acrobat PDF file 4.0 or greater (high resolution).

Graphic Files 

All color graphic files must be supplied in CMYK (not RGB) with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Line illustrations must be submitted at 1,200 dpi. If illustrator or EPS files are supplied that include type, make sure it is converted to outlines.

The artwork should have minimum 3mm extra bleed on all the four sides, which is trim area.

PDF Files

PDF files must be supplied with fonts embedded. Images within PDF files must be 300 dpi or higher.

Advertising Bookings: Ship all materials to:
Mr. Tony Doulton PDA Trade Media, No.32/3 Spencer Road
Mob: +91 9986014770 Frazer Town Bangalore – 560 005, India.
  Tel: +91-80-42505050








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